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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

10 Reasons: Why You Should Marry A Navodaya Alumni (Navodayan) - You Will Fall In Love With Them After Reading This

Why You Should Marry A Navodaya Alumni [Navodayan]

Navodaya students are best to marry or date. here are the reasons- why they are best.

    1. They Are Romantic [ King of Romance ]
Yes,you read it right. Navodayan are best in romance. They talk romanticly , they will always try to keeps you happy. They will do small but romantic things like keeping Love you message ,red roses, poems under takia ,in kitchen ,inside your book. Isn’t it romantic?
    2.Navodayans are talented
I think there is no need to explain about talents of navodaya student. Should I leave it blank? Still if you wants to know then I want to say it in one line and one meme-
“ Navodayan are born legend, they are child prodigy.’’
And here the meme-
    3.Navodayan has good sense of humor
They are best at cracking jokes. No one can beat them in presence of mind. You will cherish every moment with him/her.

    4.Navodaya students are one in a million
Yes they are. You can never find so much talents,good behavior, down to earth personality in a single person if he/she isn’t a navodayan. If you wants to know why he/she is one in a million, go to his village/locality and ask anyone about him/her – Report achhi hi ayega.
    5.They always cares for other’s feelings and emotions
JNV students always cares for others. They learn all these things in hostel. They will cares for your emotion.

    6.They will never complain about food
If you are a girl and don’t know cooking then my sincere advise to you is you should marry a navodaya prince.
    7.They will cook for you [ cooking is sexy ]
If you are a girl , don’t know cooking and point no 6 doesn’t excite you, then keep calm we will give you another reason to marry them. They can cook for you. They are good at cooking not only Maggie , but they can cook chicken too!!!.
    8.They can solve any problem
They are superman at solving problem. They will come with a cool solution every time whenever they face any problem.
    9.They will stands with you in every situations
Whatever may be the situation, they will support you. They have learned this character during their jnv life by supporting their friends in many occasion.
     10.                Navodayans are Jugaad ka Baap
If India is king of jugaad , then navodayans are the prince of jugaad. As I have mentioned in point no 8 , whenever they face any problem , difficulty or shortage of any thing they comes up with a very cool idea. May I give some examples-
·     They can prepare tea with one blades and two wire. Are you wondering how they do this? Then forgive me I can’t explain all things here. You have to marry him if you want to know this tricks!

If you are still wants more reasons to marry a navodayan , then mark my words you will marry this girl/boy in future.

Monday, 12 June 2017

What is your best hostel life memory at JNV?

There are lot many memories to recollect but I will explain one such incident.
After completion of 10th exams, we planned to cook dinner ourselves. I guess it was 2nd last paper to be precise.
We planned accordingly and distributed work to each member, each one had to bring something like one assigned to bring chapati,one assigned to bring masala's,one assigned to bring eggs like this we assigned each work to someone.
After collecting all these there is question of place where we should cook, so we planned to cook it outside the campus.
Everything was happening according to plan then all of sudden our warden (watchmen who suppose to guard whole school all the night) saw fire and he started blowing whistle , after listening whistle everyone panicked and ran away in random directions and left all the utensils and materials there itself, after few minutes everyone gathered at same place and started cooking same.
We enjoyed that dinner no matter if that food was delicious or not, the taste of joy during cooking and moments that we rejoiced can be never forgotten.
Here comes funny part the watchmen who had seen that becomes ill with fever,he thought that must be ghost who sat near fire, he told us story with so much fear, we didn't know how to react, after reaching hostel we laughed like anything imagining his condition last nyt.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Every Navodayan Wants These 7 Things- No 3 Will Be Fulfilled Soon

Every Navodayan Wants These 7 Things- No 3 Will Be Fulfilled Soon !!!

All navodaya alumni has a secret wish. and here are those-

1.                      Navodaya University
I can bet , during 12th class all navodayan has a wish  for a navodaya university where only navodaya students are allowed to take admission . Many of you have wished of such a university where navodayans of all over india will do their graduation . If there were such a college how many of you will study there?
2.                      Navodaya Engineering College
Just like a university for bachelor in basic course , it would be great if there will be a engineering college for navodayans. Whats your views about  Jawahar Navodaya Information Technlogy – (JNIT) ?

3.                      Navodaya Hospital
If you ever wished for a special hospital for navodaya alumni,then its time to throw a party because your wished will be fulfilled very soon. Some of our navodayans doctor are trying their best to built a navodaya hospital - Navodaya Shine Health. If you know any other hospital for navodayan or it is founded by navodayan,kindly inform us.
4.                      Navodaya Coaching Center
There are so many coaching centers for preparation of NEET,IIT JEE Mains,Banking , and Central Govt jobs. But it would be great if there will be a dedicated coaching centres only for navodayans. How many of you are taking coaching for medical,iit-jee or banking? Do you want a dedicated coaching centers for navodayans?

5.                      Navodaya Magazine
Everyone of you have written articles,poem,story,jokes and many more for your school magazine. You may have wished for a navodaya magazine where you can read story,poem shared by JNVian or you can share your own story there for others. Congrats!!! Your wish has been fulfilled. Our blog Navodaya Today is the place where you can share your own story , read articles shared by navodayans and navodaya news and many more.

6.                      Pension For Navodaya Teachers
Our teachers are best all over the world. Because of them lakhs of alumni has achieved their dreams and goal. But our teachers are struggling and fighting to get pension from govt. It is also one of JNVian’s wish that our teachers should get pension. Dear teacher’s we are with you.
7.                      Navodaya Social Network
What  if there were a social network for navodayan,where navodayan can connect with each other through that dedicated network,chat with other. Hope our JNVian techie brother will think about it.

 I am sure you have enjoyed reading this article. If you have any other wish ,any other point in your mind then kindly comment here,we will add it . Share this article with your friend.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Navodaya Prayer Lyrics And Download Link


Navodaya Prayer Lyrics And Download Link 

Below is the lyrics of the song, “Hum Nava Yug Gi…” song we used to sing daily at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. My rough English translation is included between the paragraphs for the benefit of all.
Hum navyug ki nayi bhaarti… nayi aarti
Hum swarajya ki richa naval bharat ki navlaya hon
Nav suryodaya nav chandrodaya, humi navoday hon
(We represent the new India, the new wave of India, We're the brand new lyrics of sun rise and new moon rise, we’re the new rise… )

Rang jaati pad bhaid rahit hum sab ka ek bhagwaan ho
Santaan hain dharti maan ki hum dharti pooja sthaan ho
Pooja ke khil rahe kamal dal hum bhav jal mein ho
Sarvoday ke nav basant ke humi navoday ho
(We do not differentiate based on colour,cast, status… We’re all children of Mother earth and earth is a holy place. We’re the petals of lotus that blossomed after prayers… We pray for well being of everyone, we’re Navodayans…) 

Maanva hai hum halchal hum, prakriti ke pavan vesh mein
Khilen falen hum mein sanskriti is apne bharat desh ki
Hum himgiri hum nadia hum sagar ki lahre ho
Jeevan ki mangalmati ke hami navoday ho
(We’re alive and kicking as a pure form of nature, let the culture of this country nurture in us, let us be the mountains, rivers and the waves at the sea, let there by well being for all, we’re Navodayans)

Hari duudhiya kranti shanti ke shram ke bandanvaar ho
Bhagirath hum dharti maa ke suuram pehredaar ho
Sat shiv sunder ki pehchan banaye jug mein hum
Antriksh ke yaan gyan ke hami navoday ho
(Let there be more green revolution and white (milk) revolution, we’ll work harder for mother earth and protect her. We’ll spread the message of Satyam Shivam and Sundaram to the world and to the space… We’re Navodayans…)

Hum navyug ki nayi bharti… nayi aarti
Hum swarajya ki richa naval bharat ki navlaya hon
Nav suryodaya nav chandrodaya, humi navoday hon
Hami navoday ho hami navoday ho hami navoday ho !

Best Funny & Wittiest FACEBOOK TIMELINE of Navodayan 

Giveaway For Navodayan – Win 10-100 Rupees Paytm Cash Weekly

Giveaway For Navodayan – Win 10-100 Rupees Weekly

Hii navodayan , our team has decided to giveaway 10-100 rupees weekly to our navodayan friends. You don’t have to do any thing . Just comment on our facebook page any random no and win paytm cash.

Every Navodayan Wants These 7 Things- No 3 Will Be Fulfilled Soon !!!

Rules For Particiapation
1.                  Comment any random no between 1-100.
2.                  You must comment on  our fb page.

3.                  Sometime we may  change our rules , so stay tuned to this page.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Best 3 FB Profile Of Navodayan -You Will Enjoy Reading Their Timeline

Best 3 FB Profile Of Navodayan : You Will Enjoy Reading Their Timeline

These three navodaya alumni are most wittiest among all navodayan. Why i am saying this ? If you want to know checkout their facebook timeline. And thank me later.

11.     Raghavendra Rajput


2.      Raj Bhati JNVian

3. Ajit Bhati

Do you like our article. Please share it among your friends. 

Career Guidance Cell In Navodaya – A Must Need Platform For Students After 12th Class

Career Guidance Cell In Navodaya – A Must Need Platform For Students After 12th Class

A large no of students after completing study in JNV can’t get career guidance . Most of navodaya students come from ruaral back ground. So they can’t decide what to do after 12th standard and ended up at not so good colleges or low paying jobs .

So every navodaya should have a career guidance cell for students. It is the duty of alumni association of respective navodaya to form a career guidance cell . And some members from career guidance team should organize a career guidance meet or event quarterly.

What you think about it? Please share your views in comment section 

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