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Sunday, 11 June 2017

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Every Navodayan Wants These 7 Things- No 3 Will Be Fulfilled Soon

Every Navodayan Wants These 7 Things- No 3 Will Be Fulfilled Soon !!!

All navodaya alumni has a secret wish. and here are those-

1.                      Navodaya University
I can bet , during 12th class all navodayan has a wish  for a navodaya university where only navodaya students are allowed to take admission . Many of you have wished of such a university where navodayans of all over india will do their graduation . If there were such a college how many of you will study there?
2.                      Navodaya Engineering College
Just like a university for bachelor in basic course , it would be great if there will be a engineering college for navodayans. Whats your views about  Jawahar Navodaya Information Technlogy – (JNIT) ?

3.                      Navodaya Hospital
If you ever wished for a special hospital for navodaya alumni,then its time to throw a party because your wished will be fulfilled very soon. Some of our navodayans doctor are trying their best to built a navodaya hospital - Navodaya Shine Health. If you know any other hospital for navodayan or it is founded by navodayan,kindly inform us.
4.                      Navodaya Coaching Center
There are so many coaching centers for preparation of NEET,IIT JEE Mains,Banking , and Central Govt jobs. But it would be great if there will be a dedicated coaching centres only for navodayans. How many of you are taking coaching for medical,iit-jee or banking? Do you want a dedicated coaching centers for navodayans?

5.                      Navodaya Magazine
Everyone of you have written articles,poem,story,jokes and many more for your school magazine. You may have wished for a navodaya magazine where you can read story,poem shared by JNVian or you can share your own story there for others. Congrats!!! Your wish has been fulfilled. Our blog Navodaya Today is the place where you can share your own story , read articles shared by navodayans and navodaya news and many more.

6.                      Pension For Navodaya Teachers
Our teachers are best all over the world. Because of them lakhs of alumni has achieved their dreams and goal. But our teachers are struggling and fighting to get pension from govt. It is also one of JNVian’s wish that our teachers should get pension. Dear teacher’s we are with you.
7.                      Navodaya Social Network
What  if there were a social network for navodayan,where navodayan can connect with each other through that dedicated network,chat with other. Hope our JNVian techie brother will think about it.

 I am sure you have enjoyed reading this article. If you have any other wish ,any other point in your mind then kindly comment here,we will add it . Share this article with your friend.


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