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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

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10 Reasons: Why You Should Marry A Navodaya Alumni (Navodayan) - You Will Fall In Love With Them After Reading This

Why You Should Marry A Navodaya Alumni [Navodayan]

Navodaya students are best to marry or date. here are the reasons- why they are best.

    1. They Are Romantic [ King of Romance ]
Yes,you read it right. Navodayan are best in romance. They talk romanticly , they will always try to keeps you happy. They will do small but romantic things like keeping Love you message ,red roses, poems under takia ,in kitchen ,inside your book. Isn’t it romantic?
    2.Navodayans are talented
I think there is no need to explain about talents of navodaya student. Should I leave it blank? Still if you wants to know then I want to say it in one line and one meme-
“ Navodayan are born legend, they are child prodigy.’’
And here the meme-
    3.Navodayan has good sense of humor
They are best at cracking jokes. No one can beat them in presence of mind. You will cherish every moment with him/her.

    4.Navodaya students are one in a million
Yes they are. You can never find so much talents,good behavior, down to earth personality in a single person if he/she isn’t a navodayan. If you wants to know why he/she is one in a million, go to his village/locality and ask anyone about him/her – Report achhi hi ayega.
    5.They always cares for other’s feelings and emotions
JNV students always cares for others. They learn all these things in hostel. They will cares for your emotion.

    6.They will never complain about food
If you are a girl and don’t know cooking then my sincere advise to you is you should marry a navodaya prince.
    7.They will cook for you [ cooking is sexy ]
If you are a girl , don’t know cooking and point no 6 doesn’t excite you, then keep calm we will give you another reason to marry them. They can cook for you. They are good at cooking not only Maggie , but they can cook chicken too!!!.
    8.They can solve any problem
They are superman at solving problem. They will come with a cool solution every time whenever they face any problem.
    9.They will stands with you in every situations
Whatever may be the situation, they will support you. They have learned this character during their jnv life by supporting their friends in many occasion.
     10.                Navodayans are Jugaad ka Baap
If India is king of jugaad , then navodayans are the prince of jugaad. As I have mentioned in point no 8 , whenever they face any problem , difficulty or shortage of any thing they comes up with a very cool idea. May I give some examples-
·     They can prepare tea with one blades and two wire. Are you wondering how they do this? Then forgive me I can’t explain all things here. You have to marry him if you want to know this tricks!

If you are still wants more reasons to marry a navodayan , then mark my words you will marry this girl/boy in future.


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