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Monday, 12 June 2017

What is your best hostel life memory at JNV?

There are lot many memories to recollect but I will explain one such incident.
After completion of 10th exams, we planned to cook dinner ourselves. I guess it was 2nd last paper to be precise.
We planned accordingly and distributed work to each member, each one had to bring something like one assigned to bring chapati,one assigned to bring masala's,one assigned to bring eggs like this we assigned each work to someone.
After collecting all these there is question of place where we should cook, so we planned to cook it outside the campus.
Everything was happening according to plan then all of sudden our warden (watchmen who suppose to guard whole school all the night) saw fire and he started blowing whistle , after listening whistle everyone panicked and ran away in random directions and left all the utensils and materials there itself, after few minutes everyone gathered at same place and started cooking same.
We enjoyed that dinner no matter if that food was delicious or not, the taste of joy during cooking and moments that we rejoiced can be never forgotten.
Here comes funny part the watchmen who had seen that becomes ill with fever,he thought that must be ghost who sat near fire, he told us story with so much fear, we didn't know how to react, after reaching hostel we laughed like anything imagining his condition last nyt.


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